Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail 2013: Hawaiian Kitchen Aloha Ma Maison マ・メゾン

This place conjures up an image of beautiful hula dancers. That'll be nice, won't it? Hahaha. Instead, we'd settle for something equally delicious. Pancakes!

kitchen area

decorations on the wall

Tried the Homemade Mixed Fruits Pancake. One can choose between with or without whipped cream.

Handmade Mixed Fruits Pancake (@$13.80++)
Handmade Mixed Fruits Pancake with a tower of whipped cream (@$15.80++)

Pancake was light and so was the whipped cream. Airy and light with a hint of sweetness.

pancakes essentials (top to bottom): maple, guava and coconut syrup

Preferred the coconut syrup. Very fragrant especially if some of the grated coconut slipped out from the bottle. The essence!

With that, our Bugis+ Food Trail 2013 ended on a sweet note. Thank you for organising and to the various hosts for having us!

Hawaiian Kitchen Aloha Ma Maison



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