Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wong Chi Kei @ Largo De Senado, Macau

This place has been written up by so many travellers, that I couldn't resist going in when happened to pass by during a recent trip to Macau. Located at the touristry Senado Square, this place looked pretty small and there was a small queue outside the restaurant on a Thursday night. Get a queue number and wait for someone to call. We were just slightly slower in responding (the lady called twice in a successive manner) and in return, we got "ngiam-ed" (probably can be translated to something like nagged at in a slightly sarcastic manner?) at.

outside of the restaurant, at about 8pm

Once inside, the place is separated into upper level, lower level and ground level. We were told to go to the lower level where there are probably about 5 tables. It was not fully occupied, so we got the entire table for 5 pax to ourselves.

table setting

hot Chinese tea, on the house

chili oil

Tried the 云吞虾仔捞面 (wanton shrimp eggs dry noodles). Think it was the priciest noodles at MOP42 (~ SGD7). There's another version of this without the wanton and it's called "虾仔捞面". There are other side dishes available, but we were not that hungry so did not order any.

the red bits are shrimp eggs

closer view of wanton and shrimp eggs

after mixing

whole prawns in wanton

The noodles were a tad too dry and too 'al-dente' for me. Would have preferred it to have more sauce. Saw a lady putting red vinegar (found on every table, along with pepper and chili oil) onto her noodles and I tried that too. Slightly better but only if you like sourish-sweet taste. Think the noodles needed another few seconds of cooking time.

There was not much taste from the shrimp eggs too. But it gave some contrasting texture. Imagine crunchy tiny bits of roe with the smooth wantons. Wantons were nice with whole prawns in it. Fresh but slightly salty. But overall, it is not something that I would crave for. So much so for novelty! Noticed that in Macau, the noodles are seldom served with vegetables. Maybe only a chopful of spring onions at most.

They serve chinese tea to all diners, on the house. Service is functional.


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