Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hei Wan @ Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Was feeling rather tired after walking around countless of alleys and shops. Passed by this dim sum place called "喜運", so we decided to go in and try (part of our to-do in Hong Kong was to eat some dim sum...). The lady asked us to wait for 5-10 minutes for a table.

shop front with menu board
take-away area
While we were waiting, we saw people coming in and ordering "鸡饭" or chicken rice. Not the hainanese chicken rice but the dim sum/soup restaurant type of steamed rice with chicken. The chicken pieces looked succulent and tender. Very fragrant too!

Soon, we were called and seated inside.

table setting
A flask of tea was immediately placed on your table as soon as you sit down. Next came the cups, plates and chopsticks. The waiter will also place a bowl for you to rinse the utensils with the tea. The tea from the flask is also our drinking tea for the night.

We ordered a variety of dim sum such as quail's egg siew mai, har gao, custard bun, century egg and lean meat porridge, soup of the day, salted fish meat cake with steamed rice, fried beancurd with mushroom fillings, fried springrolls, charsiew cheong fun, dong po beef balls and chicken feet. All are just single orders, so some of the items I did not get to try.

century egg, lean meat porridge

yummy porridge, flavourful

salted fish meat cake (pictured without the rice), nicely fragrant and not too salty
charsiew cheong fun, with rather thick layer of skin
assorted dim sum
quail's egg siew mai

har gao
har gao
chicken feet, nice sauce and tender feet with a bite
xiao long bao

fried beancurd skin with mushrooms
fried beancurd skin fillings

dong po beef balls, huge!

dong po beef ball

tender and nice
fried springrolls
fried spring roll with prawns and fruit
custard bun

not the type that we wanted!

We paid in total about HKD185 for the meal. So each pax was about SGD6+. Cheap and good.


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