Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fernando's @ Coloane Island, Macau

Located at 9 Praia de Hac Sa, Coloane Island. We saw this restaurant as we were walking towards the Hac Sa beach. Looked nice, so after our short frolick on the beach we went there for lunch. But since we did not make a prior reservations, we waited for our turn. Third name in the queue for that afternoon. 

front of the restaurant

We were ushered to the inner courtyard of the place. There is a bar inside there, and you could order your drinks while waiting for your turn. No drinks menu. Just bottles of liquor with prices shown. Not expensive. Can get a bottle of wine for MOP120. 

outdoor seats, but it was wet from the rain

probably can have a game or two while waiting

Waited for about 20 minutes before we got our table. While waiting, noticed that most seemed like regular customers and they are treated like old friends by the manager of the restaurant. There were some Japanese tourists as well.

inside the restaurant
table setting

We ordered a pitcher of Sangria (was thirsty!), grilled pork ribs, chargrilled chicken, fried rice, and vegetable soup to share.

Diners were given bread basket and butter to start their meal. Bread was served warm with nice crust on its outside and soft fluffy white on the insides.

bread and butter
vegetable soup

My friend was having flu, so she had the vegetable soup and fried rice. The soup tasted mild and healthy.

sausage fried rice

lots of sausage, green bell peppers

The fried rice was quite dry. Mildly salted, and good to eat with all its ingredients.

pork ribs

yummy tender chargrilled chicken

The pork ribs and chargrilled chicken were served on a bed of chunky fries with a few olives (unpitted) thrown in. Pork ribs were slightly dry and quite salty. Nice when washed down with Sangria.

The best dish for our table, would have to be the chargrilled chicken. Slightly spicy, tender and moist meat. Seasoning was about right as well. Good!

The pork ribs and chicken can be ordered in full, or half portion. Think we ordered full portion for the ribs while the chicken was half portion.

Sangria was just MOP120 per pitcher. And we shared it amongst 3 pax. About 2-3 glasses per pax. Got me a good buzz too, meaning the alcohol was good stuffs. Hahaa! Pork ribs were about 7 bones for a full portion. Can't remember the exact price but it should be between MOP120~MOP140 that range.

The fried rice portion was huge. Think it can also be comfortably shared out between 2 to 3 pax.


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