Saturday, August 27, 2011

Medz @ Orchard Central

Located at B2 of Orchard Central. This place is considerably smaller than I thought. Went without a reservation on a weekday night and had to queue for about 10 minutes.

At the entrance, one would be presented with a small credit card sized electronic card to swipe for food and drinks purchases. Then, you'd be led to your table.

table setting
our table is in use

Went to the French station to get the duck confit. Hmm.. I think the price had went up a bit since opening, right? Thought duck confit was priced at $10 but now its at $12 instead. Anyhow, went ahead and ordered. Was given the electronic buzzer and it will light up and vibrate when the dish is ready to be collected.

electronic buzzer

The electronic buzzer went off while I was on 'guard' duty for my table. All my friends were away queueing for their food while the buzzer was lighted up and vibrating furiously! Hahaa. And, the lady at the French station wasn't too happy when I turned up to collect like 5 minutes later.

duck confit
crispy skin
tender meat

I think this was my first duck confit, ever. Heard about how salty it tends to be, and was rather relieved when I took a bite off the version here. Skin was nicely crisp and not too oily. The meat was fork tender and not too salty. Yums. Could do with a little more sauce though.

The rest of my friends went to get their food from the Mediterranean (Greece and Turkey) station.

grilled salmon
chicken kebab
rice (or was it barley) that came with the salmon
fish (sea bream) aglio olio

The rest of them got their fruit smoothies (@$4.90) and I had a taste of the strawberry version. Nice and thick. Quite yums.

Medz was having a DBS/POSB credit card promo where one can get 25% off the total bill (no minimum spend to enjoy this offer).


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