Sunday, August 14, 2011

Margaret's Cafe e Nata @ Edificio Kam Loi, Macau

Located near Senado Square, it sits quietly amongst a backlane. If you look carefully while walking along those jewellery shops opposite the road of Grand Lisboa Hotel, you might just see the sign pointing you to the right direction.

walking towards the cafe

morning crowd on a Saturday

This is basically a self-serve joint, so just find yourself a seat. Share table if you must, or simply do a take-away. Besides egg-tarts, they also have simple cakes, pastries, and sandwiches. The menuboard is inside the shop. For sandwiches, you don't need to pay first. Proceed to the sandwich counter and tell them what you want. Then only go to the cashier to pay, order egg tarts and drinks.

If you had ordered drinks like hot coffee or hot milk tea, then you will get a queue tag and they will send you the drinks later.

queue tag
If you're ordering egg tarts (like half a dozen or more) to take-away, then the kitchen will prepare the order for you. If you're eating in, then remember to collect the egg tarts from the staff manning the egg tarts counter before going back to your seat.

take-away box
some more charred...
huge egg sandwich
egg tart
soft, and moderately sweet with flaky buttery crusts
milk tea

Egg tart sells for MOP8 per piece, while milk tea costs MOP7. The egg tarts tasted best when eaten fresh. Packed some to take home and its crusts turned chewy instead of flaky when it was reheated using a toaster.


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