Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sashimi House SAKURAYA @ Anchorpoint, Alexandra Road

Went on a weekday during lunch hour. Did not make any reservations, hence we were asked if we mind the counter seats. Nope. Not at all. The counter top/table surface/width was quite spacious. There is a daily set lunch that changes everyday and there is also a ladies lunch set (~@18++).

counter seats table setting

We ordered a Bara Chirashi and a salmon butter set and the food took some 15 minutes to arrive. Prior to that, the lady beside us who came much earlier than me, was asking the waitress the whereabouts of her lunch!

salmon butter set
tasty salmon butter

Tried my friend's salmon butter and the fish was nicely moist. Good choice! The salmon butter set was the cheaper one amongst our two lunches.

bara chirashi

My chirashi came in a nice lacquer bowl. So pretty.

full of goodness!
closer view

Plenty of fish in my bowl. There were the usual maguro, sake, white fish, tamago, cucumber and crabstick. The rice was nicely vinegared. First bite, the tangy sourness crept onto the tastebud and after chewing the rice, gradually it tasted of sweetness. The fish were fresh but don't really fancy the crabstick though.

seaweed layered ontop of the rice

The meal costs about $33 for two pax, and no charge for green tea.


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