Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei @ Taipa, Macau

We had a hearty lunch at Fernando's. Yes. But the quest for pork chop buns MUST NOT be forgotten. So we took a bus from Hac Sa beach and headed back to Taipa village. This place is near the Olympic swimming pool, and about 10-15 minutes walking distance from Venetian Hotel.

notice the red tentage? That's where we're headed
brisk business

coke seemed popular


We were still very very full from lunch, so ordered just 2 pork chop buns to share.

good sized meat
pork chop bun, different angle
with bone
nice and tender

As all reviewers would tell you, it is just the bun and the pork chop. Nothing else in between. One bun is MOP20. Reasonable price for the meat.

Only managed a few bites from the pork chop bun. The bread was chewy and a little bit dry but luckily the meat was tender and flavourful and not too salty. There was still a nice buzz going in my head after all the sangria earlier from lunch...


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