Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yung Kee @ Wellington Street, Hong Kong

First thing we did in Hong Kong (on a day trip from Macau), was to look for lunch. Someone suggested to eat roasted goose and I thought, "Yea, why not."

My friend led us towards Lan Kwai Fong and this restaurant is easily recognisable from across the street.

roasted goose, char siew~
entrance to the restaurant

a poet and goose?



maybe super rich customers sit near the dragons?
We took a lift to Level 3 and was promptly shown our table. It was about 12pm and there were many unoccupied ones. Probably still early.

We were served century eggs with ginger soon after we arrived. The waitress said it is a specialty in their restaurant. Nobody in my group said anything, so we just accepted it. I reckoned its like being served peanuts in Chinese restaurants, ie. chargeable.

century eggs with ginger

I like 'pei dan' or century eggs. So this dish was enjoyable. First time having smooth and soft center for century eggs. Their version of century eggs here do not have the usual pungent taste. It was actually nice!

yummy yolk~

My table is a bunch of budget conscious tourists (after all, we flew by budget airline....), so we ordered just two dishes; meat platter and vegetables, and a pot of tea and a round of white rice.

pot of Pu-er + chrysanthemum but why is the English wordings called "Pu Li"? No idea man.. 

vegetable with oyster sauce (choi dam in Cantonese)
soft and crunchy stems
meat platter with various sauces (attentively placed near its matching meats by the waiter)

ta-dah! Roasted goose!

pork slices

char siew


The jellyfish was actually quite bland tasting. Char siew was nice and soft although not charred. The roasted chicken was not as tender as the char siew. The pork slices was nicely refreshing when dipped in the vinegar sauce. The roasted goose, well... I guessed the good stuff comes from its oil? There's a layer of fats underneath its skin that oozes flavours when bitten into. Goes well with rice. Otherwise, its meat was kind of tough and reminds me of duck meat.

roasted chicken on steamed rice
condiments for roasted chicken was simply oil, ginger and spring onions equals to yums!

roasted goose
yummiest part of roasted goose was.. the skin?

Guess how much we racked up for this meal? A grand total of HKD918 for 5 pax! That is like SGD$30 per pax?! Whoa! After we paid, the bill only stated the total and not the individual charges for the dishes. But I remembered from their menu that the plate of vegetables costs HKD75, a bowl of white rice is HKD14 and the century eggs should set us back like HKD10 per head.

Service was efficient. We just need to lift the lid of our teapot and in less than a minute, someone would zoom in and remove our pot to refill the water.

I think we were pretty hungry and finished our meal in less than 40 minutes. On our way out, we saw many people waiting for their tables.


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