Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wild Oats @ Punggol Park

Located at Hougang Avenue 8, Punggol Park. My friends suggested this place, probably because it was opened by Chef Willin, one of Singapore's celebrity chefs. Hahaa, or rather, maybe I wanted to visit this place because of that! =P

We made reservations for the eve before National Day. Was late, but encountered no problems in pushing back the reservation time. Carpark space was scarce, so depends on your luck. Arrived at 8pm (original reservation time was 730pm), and there were many unoccupied tables.

main podium is first destination

The dining area seemed to be separated into 2 main areas. One that is near the water (where the podium is), and another that is its opposite side. The smoking area is not the one near the water and lush greenaries.


i was outside the glass door...

The menu really really does have just a few items only... We ordered otah bruschetta, mushroom soup and chicken chop with garlic mayo sauce to share. For drinks, I had the 'Breeze in the Park'.

smoking area

dine by the waterfront

order chits

It was pretty hard to get someone over to take our order. The service staff seemed to be quite focused on their task at hand...So, you just gotta wave harder...

mushroom soup

breeze in the park

otah bruschetta

Mushroom soup tasted quite healthy (maybe deemed as a little too bland for somebody). Not as thick as some other places but retained the nice wholesome flavour of mushroom. The cocktail tasted pretty diluted. Everyone on my table liked the otah bruschetta. Nicely spicy, goes well on toasted bread.

chicken chop with garlic mayo sauce


The chicken chop (we chose garlic mayo sauce out of 3 options), was tender and juicy. The sauce was likeable but our breath probably smelled of garlic thereafter! Served with baked beans, chopped cabbage and shoestring fries. Overall, was quite yummy.


Chendol was sweet and refreshing on a warm night. The gula melaka was sticky and oh-so-yummy! Stir the whole thing till some of the ice melts, and it tasted even better. The red bean was neither too soft nor too hard. Just nice. Sweet, but not overly.

cranberry cooler (i think that was the name, not sure) non-alcoholic

finished the food, and the drinks and one of our friend was still not here yet...

mango margarita

Conclusion, the cocktails that I tried that night, all tasted pretty weak... Food was alright, but limited selection. We liked otah bruschetta and chendol.

The total bill was about $80+, and my share was $30 for 2 alcholic drinks, the food and desserts. Should have ordered the chicken wings.. because I was hungry again when I got home after that.


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