Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hui Lau Shan @ Hong Kong

Passed by this dessert shop while we were walking aimlessly around Mong Kok (or at least I think we were at Mong Kok....) We were pretty tired from all those walking around and not to mention, thirsty too. So what better way than to go in and have some cooling desserts!


The shop was pretty small in size, but we managed to get a table for us 5 pax.

Service was brisk and very soon our orders came.

all time favourite mango pomelo
nice and smooth

They were having a special combo and it comprises of three small items. One of my group members got that for himself.

special combo
glutinous rice balls in mango soup
ice cream and jelly

Cold birdnest soup with hashima at HKD53 (less than SGD9)? Why not. Got one to try.

cold bird nest soup


hashima and lotus seed

First time having hashima or snow jelly (or in reality, dried fallopian tube from a species of frog..ugh!). It tasted soft, and on its own nothing funky (thankfully!) The soup was sweet and cold. Nice. Lotus seed was still crunchy and birdnest was rather gooey. Drink everything together with the soup and it made a refreshing dessert.

The mango desserts there were as nice as whoever that had tried Hui Lau Shan (许留山) would say.


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