Friday, September 2, 2011

Arnold's @ City Plaza

Located at Level 2 of City Plaza, this place was sure packed. To enter the shop, one would have to get a queue number first. Its menu looked like any other regular fast food joint, but one can find certain local desserts like iced-kachang with ice-cream, here as well. I spied banana boat ice-cream...

For our Friday night dinner, we got the combo meal for 3 pax.

combo meal

For the sides, we had coleslaw, french fries and mashed potatoes. We got 3 pieces of chicken each and a fried bun. We had coke for as our drink. How sinful was that...

mashed potato
french fries
sweetish coleslaw

I was actually late for the dinner and my friends had already started. They were onto their second or third piece of chicken when I arrived. But surprisingly, the chicken were still hot! So, probably it's not a good idea to sink your teeth right into the meat once it's served. Caution.

deep fried and oily
thigh meat is the best!

The fried bun, for some unknown reason, had a 'hard' base. Maybe too compressed prior to frying. Not sure. The fried chicken was hot and nice, especially if it's thigh or drumstick meat. Its skin was thin and crispy and oily. Breast meat was difficult to finish as it was quite dry.

This meal costs us $13 per pax.


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