Friday, September 9, 2011

Ippudo Tao @ Mohd Sultan Road

This place is located next to En Grill and Bar. Concept colour is red and black. Went on a Saturday evening. Had to wait a bit, probably 10 minutes before we got seats.

super blurry shot of the indoor dining area

We had ramen the previous time at Mandarin Gallery. Ippudo seems synonymous with ramen, so we ordered an Aka Ramen here as well. Had some skewered items such as tender beef, teriyaki chicken and enoki buta. To start off our meal, we ordered a potato salad and two beers. Sapporo beer is on draft here.

at Ippudo Tao!

beer to cool down *burp*

potato salad

The potato salad was a nice slow start of our meal. Tasty and with coarse bits of potatoes. The noodles came next. We had one bowl to share. Thin noodles that were still springy, spicy soup that tingles the tongue but not numbing it, a single piece of chashiu and added a flavoured egg.

Next, came our skewered items.

tender beef, done medium

teriyaki chicken

juicy and tender yums

enoki mushrooms wrapped in thin pork slices

There is a chef selection of 5 yakitori sticks at $21. The waitress told us that usually the items would include beef, and maybe pork, chicken and chicken skin. Hehehe, we were hungry and chicken skin is not going to fill us up, so we opted ala-carte. Actually wanted chicken wings but it was out of stock so we got the chicken teriyaki (@$10++ per skewer). We loved the teriyaki chicken. Was super tender, smooth, sweet savoury and yummy!

Had high hopes for the tender beef (@$7.80++ per stick). It came out looking beautiful (slightly more rare than medium) but unfortunately, it was still chewy. The grilled spring onion that came with it was nice. Skewered items price starts from ~$3.80++ and above.

With Japanese yakitori's, expect a higher price to pay. Bill came up to $88 for two pax.


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