Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert @ Clementi Mall

Located at B1 of the mall, it is one of those kiosk shops with seats. We visited on a Thursday night and the place was rather packed. The set lunch menu was available for dinner as well. There are two types of combo. Type 1 is where the main dish is a rice dish and served with a drink. Type 2 has a main dish (usually noodles) and served with desserts (sweet) and savouries (for example carrot cake). Both sets are priced at less than $10.

My friend ordered a rice dish of preserved vegetables and pork with iced-coffee for $6.90. I wasn't feeling hungry, so ordered their mango pomelo sago dessert ($4.90).

preserved vegetable with pork rice

mango pomelo sago

My friend commented that the rice dish was tasty. I liked the mango pomelo sago but wished that it was more chilled though. The dessert sweetness was just right and thick with mango flavour. Yums.

However, this is one joint that you have to eat and go. We were chased away even when my friend still had more than half a cup of his drink left...

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  1. Carrot cake and noodles are more specialties of theirs, I had tried both of them , taste was quite good. For next time thinking to pick a rice dish.

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