Friday, September 16, 2011

Ma Maison @ The Central

Located at Level 3 of The Central. Go to level 2, pass by Billy Bombers, another shop that sells nasi padang place and just follow the escalator nearest to Ramen Santouka, upwards. Leads you straight to the restaurant. Made a reservation prior to our visit as we've heard that Ma Maison here, is rather small.

cosy interior

I've always liked the ambience of Ma Maisons. Dim lights, heavy furnitures, dark wooden theme...feels cosy and intimate. Haven't been to Ma Maison for many years and this was my first time to this branch. Was amused by the number of menus displayed on our table when we got seated.

our table, reserved
an array of menus on the table
food menu, the red rectangle one is for drinks(incl. alcohol) and desserts

We ordered assorted sausages for appetiser (when I really wanted scallop carpaccio! But had a friend who didn't want that... *sobs*), and for mains, we ordered large hamburger steak, beef stroganov omurice, and mentaiko pasta.

Iced water is served freely and topped up regularly.

assorted sausages (@$11.80++)

The sausages were really tiny. Came with a small serving of sauerkraut. Everyone had 2 pieces of the sausages, one chipolata type and the other is the red coloured ones. Not sure what sauce it had, but it tasted sweetish. This is one appetiser that you can skip. Better stick to escargots or salads or scallop carpaccios.

Next, comes our mains! Large hamburger steak. During taking order time, the waitress will ask if you'd lke Japanese or brown sauce. We remembered the picture in the menu showed a sunny side up with this dish, so we asked our waitress. She said, "Oh, the egg is only if it was ordered with brown sauce." =_='
Ok, next time remember to order brown sauce instead or you'll lose an egg...

large hamburger steak with Japanese sauce

Beef patty was still moist but not as juicy as I remembered it to be, many years ago when I first had this dish. Things do change, I guessed.

beef stroganov omurice

First time having beef stroganov omurice. The egg was fluffy and light. Very yummy. The sauce was nice too, with a hint of smokey bitterness. Goes well with the rice. Beef slices were tender.

mentaiko pasta

The mentaiko pasta was likeable. The noodles texture was just right, not too al-dente. Ingredients included small clams (tiny la-la), thinly sliced mushrooms and spicy cod roe. Not spicy at all, and flavourful. Nice.

Next, desserts. The friendly waitress brought the various available tarts to our table, when we wanted to order.Tarts are one pricey dessert. Ranges from $6.80++ to $8.80++.

blueberry tart
closer look

The blueberries were encased in jelly. Much like the usual fresh cream fruit cake. Blueberries here looked bigger than the usual but that could be because I'm too used to see shrunk dried version of blueberries? Hahaa! Not too sweet, easy to eat. But my friend complained that it was too sour for her.

Total bill came up to $77 (after 10% Stanchart credit card promo) and it fed 3 pax.

ps: pictures taken by blackberry camera phone


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