Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PappaRich @ Kajang

Located near Kajang town (small town in Selangor, Malaysia), occupying a space that was previously selling furnitures and plants. The compound is large, and its decor is mostly dark brown and green. These kind of modern kopitiams/cafes seems to be thriving in Kajang.

inside the cafe

We went there at about 4+pm, and decided to have an early dinner. To order, simply press on the buzzer/bell at your table. Someone will attend to you shortly after that.

Ordered curry chicken noodles and iced lemon tea for myself. Mom ordered dry kway teow with steamed chicken. Sis and dad had fried rice and bro chose rice with rendang chicken. They had iced coffee and iced milk tea.

chicken rendang with yellow rice
kway teow with steamed chicken
tiny portion for fried rice
curry chicken noodles
with cockles, bean sprouts, steamed chicken and beancurd

The curry chicken noodles was one of the better dish amongst the ones that we've ordered. Best in terms of value and portion. Pricey at RM9.90++. The rest of the stuffs were pretty run of the mill yet expensive. Can get better stuffs elsewhere for much less.

Total bill came up to RM70 for 5 pax. Good news is, this place has free wifi. Not very good news is.. sometimes the wifi connection doesn't seem to be working well....


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