Monday, September 5, 2011

Bacchus Bistro and Bar @ Robertson Quay

Been there two times. Same row as Bar Bar Black Sheep and next door to Merry Men. This place is usually not crowded during Fridays.

Tried their new generation wines (Germany) @ $39++ per bottle. Apparently, usual price is $49++. Hmm.. the prices must've went up quite a bit. Saw from their website that during February promotion, new generation wines were going for just $29++. Hmmm.

We ordered a bottle of white called Cheri (apparently made from a combination of varieties). Cheri is almost like a Moscato but with more rounded (blunt) taste. Sweet, ripe and very palatable. We also tried a bit of Novicius, which on the other hand, was still sweet but has a sharper edge. More acidic but still easy to drink.


Seated by the riverside, we watched as the world goes by while we sipped our chilled wine. Warm breeze gently caressed our faces, and bit by bit, our worries fluttered away... Hahaha, we wished!

Very soon, our bottle was left empty. We ordered another one, and this time a new generation red, Beerus.


I liked Beerus. Not tannic at all. First taste, first thought was, "Wow.. this tasted just like the white we had only this time round, it's a red!" Hahaha. Sweeet! The alcohol for this was just 7%, if not wrong. Cheri was 10%. Feeling peckish, and we had a friend who joined us later who has yet to take her dinner, so we called our friendly service staff for food. But alas, the kitchen had closed by then.

We tried to persuade him to help us find food 'coz our friend was really really hungry! He said he'll try. And true to his words, he came back with chicken wings! Woohoo!

chicken wings, the chili sauce rocks!

If you happen to be at Bacchus, do look for Lee (with tattoos around his neck). Friendly chap, always with a smile and goes the extra mile for his customers. Cool, bro!

Total bill for the night: $120. Good for 4 pax to chill. We stayed till 1.30am.


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