Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drinks @ Unity Street, Robertson Walk

Went to chill out at Robertson Walk yesterday. First stop, Cappadocia Cafe and Restaurant. The night was nice, air was cool and there wasn't any crowd at that cafe. Saw people smoking shisha too. Ordered a mojito cocktail as I didn't want to get a beer. The beer selection that they have are Heineken, Tiger, Sol, Efes, and  Erdinger, if not wrong. Another friend got an apple tea drink.

mojito (@$13++)

The cocktail tasted mild during the first half of the glass. I think I like caipirinha better (because of the palm sugar!). Hehehe, I was thinking that this mojito wasn't sweet enough! Anyways, the alcohol kicked in much slower and felt better after finishing the drink. The service here is somewhat, regrettable. The person who took our order seemed to have difficulty understanding our order. Took him quite a while to write it down also. Maybe he's new. Anyway, we asked for iced-water and he said he'll get it for us but it never did come.

Next stop, Wine Connection Deli & Bistro. Depending on what you're ordering, a bottle of wine could be as affordable as $25++ per bottle. We ordered a bottle of winner of some gold medal Spinyback white wine from New Zealand (@$37++) but they have this weekend charge of another $10 per bottle.

As it was past midnight, we decided to get some food as snack. Our friend who had been here before recommends the ham and bruschetta. So we did the 'make your own platter' combo where you tick off the items that you want to eat.

bruschetta, honey glazed ham and ewe cheese
favourite meat, looking yummy and waiting to be devoured

The bread was nicely crisps, tomato bits tangy and tasty but abit too laden with olive oil. The ewe cheese being a hard cheese, was a little chalky and not too pungent. Ham was fantastic. Nice thick cut, and for the good parts are what we deemed the 'fatty' parts. Not fatty per say as in you see layers of fats but that particular taste in your mouth as you savour the flavour and juiciness of the meat.

The Spinyback wine was fruity, not tannic and has a slight salty sourish finish. Acceptable for someone who prefers moscatos.

Spinyback white wine, not sure whether it was a riesling or something else

The service at Wine Connection was good. Friendly and efficient. It started to rain while we were enjoying our drinks and snacks, so we asked their help to shift over to a dryer area where the rain don't splatter onto you. No problems here. No complaints also even when they had to lay out another set of utensils for us. Nice.

iced-water is served freely to customers

This place seemed rather popular, judging by its crowd.Oh, and by the way.. maybe it's better to look at the cheese before ordering especially for cheese illiterates like me. Ordered a goat's cheese that no one (on our table) can eat (stomach). What a waste!


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