Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paradise Inn @ Serangoon NEX (Part II)

Second visit to Paradise Inn at NEX. First visit was sometime in April, where we didn't try the soup. So this time round, we ordered a pot whelk soup and a Song fish head for dinner.

the usual table setting and peanuts
must have items if soup is ordered
soup being served by the efficient service staff
whelk soup with pork ribs and huai shan

Whelk soup was tasty and full of flavour. Just a tad oily due to the fats from the super soft pork ribs. Probably effected through boiling the soup for long enough. Yums. What is whelk? According to wiki, whelk is a kind of sea-snail. In my opinion, the whelk in this soup, tasted not unlike abalone. Nice.

Next, came the steamed "Song" fish head. It was rather big!

Song fish head (@$17.50++)
full of omega-3 oil
soft, smooth tender flesh

For people not accustomed to eating fish head, this steamed Song fish head may come across as perhaps a little bit fishy. Perhaps if more spring onions and fresh red chillies (cut in longish) were added for garnishing, it might add a little more colour and variety to the dish. Pair the fish and sauce with a bowl of steaming white rice, it does leave a satisfactory feeling. Just one small complaint though. The fish head still had some scales on it. Cleaning the scales needs to be more thorough.

Service that evening was impeccable. Constantly, there will be someone coming over to check if the soup needed to be scooped out onto our little soup bowl. Kudos to the staff.

Total bill was about $45 for 2 pax.


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