Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fukuichi Japanese Dining @ TripleOne Somerset

Located at Level 2 of TripleOne Somerset. Visited on a Sunday for an early lunch before 12pm. The ground level was teeming with customers while Level 2 seemed quite deserted on our day of visit...


Fukuichi has been reviewed by many others, including a photoshoot session organized by ieatishootipost. Various newspaper clippings can be found near wall at the front podium.

The waitress who attended to us, seemed quite dis-interested in serving. Not sure why, probably too early in the day? We were seated near the private room.

view from our seats
menu for lunch and dinner sets
table setting, and a cup of warm green tea

Ordered the sashimi teishoku and my friend had the unagi teishoku. Feeling rather luxurious, we ordered a toro sushi as well. A plate of toro costs $22++ for 2 sushis. At the back of our mind, we had only one thought, "It had better be good!" Hahaa!

The older lady who served us suddenly asked if we're paying by UOB, which we answered in positive. Oooh, it turned out that there is a UOB credit card promo where you get 15% off ala-carte and that will apply to the toro sushi order. Heh heh! And, we also got the century egg kani tofu appetiser for free! 無料です!

century egg tofu appetiser
salty goodness

shredded kani inside

The cold appetiser was rather salty and enjoyable. But I think if it is just tofu, it'll be a nicer contrast to the century egg sauce, as just tofu would be more clean tasting.

Next, toro sushi. We ate it with great anticipation. Its oil glistens and beckoning to be devoured.

toro sushi
It is rich tasting with good oil and fresh but unfortunately, it was quite sinewy which proved to be a bane. Felt a little let down but at least, I've tried toro, yay! Otoro is next target.. but maybe should eat it in its country of origin instead?

sashimi teishoku (bottom) and unagi teishoku (top)
closer view of unagi

What's included in a sashimi teishoku set? Miso soup, salad, chawanmushi, rice and pickles and of course, sashimi.

beansprout miso soup

sashimi; salmon, maguro, tako and kajiki (2 pieces each)

I enjoyed the sashimi set. Firm, fresh and thick cut. We were served a small cute pudding (as part of the set) to end our meal.


Liked the bounciness of the pudding, and it was not too sweet. Enjoyable.

Total bill came up to $33 per pax.

Read about second visit here.


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