Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sarang @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 7, this place is opposite the AFC (Asian Food Channel) place. Diners can opt to sit either indoors or outdoors. Not sure why, but I opted for outdoor seats even though it was 4+ pm. Must be out of my mind then....!

Sarang (Love)
table setting

The outdoor seating area feels spacious. They even have a big kickass fan there!

look at that ceiling fan!

We ordered ginseng porridge, chicken bong bong, and yuzu makgeolli (rice wine). It was such a odd hour to be eating, and interesting combi for tea-break.. or pre-dinner... The service crew here was friendly and always with a smile.

city view would look better at night

ginseng porridge
flavoured salt for the porridge

with chicken shreds

a mouthful of porridge with a bit of salt

Liked the presentation of the ginseng porridge. Served piping hot, with the porridge bubbling a bit. It has just the slightest hint of ginseng's bitterness. The porridge was smooth, mildly flavoured and nice to warm the tummy on a cold day. Eating it under humid weather, was quite an experience in itself though. The stone pot was quite shallow, so the portion of the porridge was not a lot.

Loved the heayweight chopstick and spoon. Feels classy.

chopsticks and spoon
nice motif

Chicken bong bong was essentially, chicken wings coated with thin batter and deep fried. Not sure why there is a need for that batter, as it doesn't seem to have any flavour to it. The chicken wings were just mildly season and came hot from the fryer. The meat inside was still juicy.

chicken bong bong

served with shoestring fries

The shoestring fries were adequately salted and in fact, quite addictive. Just the way I liked it. Goes well with my makgeolli drink.

yuzu makgeolli
gone in a jiffy

The total bill came up to $31, with one third of that price coming from the alcoholic drink. Hehehee!


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