Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teadot @ Serangoon NEX

Located at Level 2 of NEX, this is an open-concept cafe. Serves tea concoction with exotic names. It has clear brew styled tea and blended style (like frappe). Serves coffee too, but since its called Teadot, its only apt to try the tea first, right?

can watch the world go by

Semi-self serviced style. Go up to the counter to order. Took a while 'coz it was kind of hard to look at its exotic names to figure out what it is, so had to read its description as well. Like for example, Yellow Rain. Who knows what tea is in that?! Anyway, I did order that, and it's a oolong/jasmine (I think) frappe style with osmanthus flower.

Then, they'll give you a number tag and you can sit down. They'll serve the drink to you when it is ready.

wait patiently
my friend's order, looks pretty normal

my drink, Yellow Rain

The prices here are quite high. A medium sized drink will set you back by about $6++ (for frappe and non-frappe), hence that influenced my decision to try the frappe version. I know, cheap thrill to get more bang out of the buck! The cashier said, "Would you like to upsize to large instead 'coz it'll just be 50cents more." Sounds like a good idea, only that now the total would be $7++ for a drink.

Liked my drink. Milky, and ice cold! Refreshing taste of osmanthus flower that was thankfully, not too overpowering.



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