Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat @ Rangoon Road

Had dinner at this place yesterday. We reached there probably around 8+ and there were lots of tables unoccupied.

Once you're seated, they will place the utensils right away on your table, regardless of what you're ordering.

ready for steamboat

wet towel

We ordered the premium fish, pomfret steamboat (small) and a side dish of claypot pork with dried chilies and salted fish.

our order of 鱼头颅 pomfret fish steamboat (@$35)

The soup contained lots of vegetables squares, small chunks of yam, those deep fried flat fish (that enhances the taste of fish soups), and of course large chunks of pomfret fish. The soup itself was nicely sweet. Some of the fish have bones, so do be careful when eating them. Not to mention, the fish was extra smooth and may just slip out of your chopsticks if you're not careful!

yummy pomfret

claypot pork with salted fish and dried chilies
fragrant and salty sliced pork

The sliced pork goes well with rice. Not surprising to find one eating copious amount of rice due to this dish alone. It's also very oily, and some of the pork slices have soft bones in them.

Total bill came up to $54 and fed two pax. Actually, we were quite stuffed after all the vege, meat and soup.


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