Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aerin's Cafe and Espresso Bar @ Raffles City

Located at Raffles City basement, near Din Tai Fung. It was a convenient place for a casual meet-up sans reservation on a Friday evening.


The menu looked really simple at one glance. We ordered buffalo wings, portobello mushroom salad, Aerins taglietelle, prawns risotto, a hot chocolate (for the kid) and one carafe of sangria for the adults.

ready to dig in

portobello mushroom salad

One would've expected more from the salad at $13++. There were only like 2-3 smallish medium sized portobello mushroom inside, some chopped tomatoes, some pine nuts and some rocket leaves. Taste wise, it was acceptable and not too oily.

Though we ordered one carafe, only 1 glass of sangria made it to our table. Had to inform the service staff that we ordered a carafe to be shared amongst three people. One carafe can pour max. of 3 glasses only. Am not sure why, but this was the second time that the sangria that I had in Singapore, tasted like someone mixed it with candy'ied cherries. Much prefered if it was just red wine mixed with orange juice and some lemon.

sangria (@$29++) per carafe

Did not take any pictures of the main courses (risotto and taglietelle) since they were ordered by my long-lost primary school classmates. (yea... I was like paiseh!) But I did take a bite out of those two plates. The risotto could've been better, especially the texture of the rice. It smelled cheesy, lightly seasoned but maybe a little on the bland side. Came loaded with asparagus. The pasta was good though. Even the kid approved of it. Came with lots of mushrooms and some smoked salmon.

buffalo wings?

My order of buffalo wings turned out to be something different. First of all, it wasn't even a wing.. they were drumlets. Drumlets? Sigh. Another, was the sauce was more like a dip. Mention buffalo wings and I'd be expecting mid-joints totally smothered in smoky hot sauce. So, had a different expectation of what was served.

This place had baby-chair and also plastic utensils for the young ones. Service was friendly.

Total bill came up to $105 for 3 adults and 1 child.


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