Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brotzeit @ Vivocity

Visited on a Friday evening. Had to queue since did not make any reservations prior. Was pleasantly surprised when the service crew brought out a plate of mini-bite sized tuna on bread squares on toothpick and offered it to hungry people in the queue. Queued for about 10-15 minutes before we got our tables.


it's Oktoberfestbier now
waiting for food

We ordered a platter (@$88++) to share as we have 5 hungry adults to feed. The platter has pork knuckles, sausages, and chicken (we think). Comes with two sides which diners can choose. We chose potato wedges and vegetables. Of course, we must have beer when in Brotzeit. My choice of drink? Radler beer. Because? It's mixed with Sprite. Hahaa, I like my drinks sweet, ok.

platter to feed 4-5 pax

simple boiled vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, bellpeppers and carrots)
meat and more meat!

flat chicken?
best sausage

pork skin

knuckle meat

We had so much meat! The white sausages were juicy and tender. The red sausages; one had cheese in it, and the other had herbs. The red herb sausages were rather salty. Hmmm, so was the cheesy one. The flat looking fried piece of meat (we think it's chicken... but not sure 'coz no one read the description!) were quite flat in taste and pretty dry. Lucky we have our beer, cheers!

nice coaster

fizzy Radler

The entire place was boisterous that night! Very happening, because there was a large group that occupied perhaps 3-4 tables and each table accommodated probably about 6 pax.

We were so full from the meat and potatoes, and washed everything down with cold beer. Yums.

pork knuckle meat devoured, left with just bones...

Total bill came up to about $167 for 5 pax (including 4 half pint beer and one non-alcoholic drink).


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