Thursday, August 16, 2018

[Seoul] Ewha Shopping Street and Dakgalbi

We were at the shopping street close to Ewha Women University and was looking for a lunch place. Unfortunately, many were closed due to the Chuseok's holidays. Had to make do with some chicken skewer and Isaac Toast meanwhile.

street side vendor
putting on some sauce
super long tender chicken skewer @ ₩2000

The shop at Isaac Toast had a queue and most tables were taken. So we had to eat it outside of the shop. It was nice but those were not proper lunch. We wanted to go somewhere, sit down and have proper food.

Isaac Toast sandwich

Saw this dakgalbi shop somewhere along the many many rows of clothing/shoes/accessories shops. Unfortunately, we were there rather late for lunch and too early for dinner. At that awkward time of 3pm or so. The shop lights were off and a lady was actually sweeping the floor outside. We enquired and she said they were closed.

We were like disappointed and were discussing on where to go next when she took pity on us and asked us to follow her. So we did. Turned out that the lady was opening her shop for the 5 of us. So nice! Did not manage to take the name of the shop but it has a large standee poster of rooster and the restaurant is at basement level.

restaurant interior
We ordered dakgalbi and ginseng chicken soup to share.

must take picture first
cooking in progress
gracious boss who opened up her shop earlier for us hungry travellers
spicy chicken, tteokbokki, cabbages
in goes the rice
mix it all up
flatten the rice 

We thank the sweet lady boss (who looked a bit fierce tho) who was so gracious to let us into the shop although it was not time to open yet. She also did the cooking for the dakgalbi where the process took about 10 minutes.

ginseng chicken soup

Both the dakgalbi and the ginseng chicken soup were comforting to soothe our tummies. We left feeling full. The dakgalbi had a more homely flavours as compared to Yoogane. Felt much better after food, so we went walking and photo taking around EWHA University grounds.

EWHA Women University
so cottage like
nice architecture
look at the slope


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