Wednesday, August 1, 2018

[Busan] Kyochon 1991 교촌치킨

We chanced upon this Korean fried chicken place after we've had our dinner at Bonjeon Dwaejigukbap. Hmm, to forgo or to eat somemore? This was in addition to the shared burger, chocolate pie and ice-cream from McDonald's after dinner...

Korean fried chicken? Can't say no

Decided to check out the place and it was smallish. All the tables appeared to be taken. There were about 4 tables for dining in. A group of young adults were at the entrance, and it seemed like they were awaiting for their take-away order.

We decided to order some and managed to get ourselves a small table. What did we order? Why, chimaek 치맥  of course! Chimaek is Chikin (chicken) and meaekju (beer) !

half pint of Cass draft beer

The ice-cold beer was refreshing and shared amongst 4 pax. Smallest unit seemed to be half pint. Not expensive. However, we seemed to have underestimated the portion of the chicken. We ended up with a tad too much! Seemed like we had three big chicken for 5 pax. Am sure we could've finished everything, only if we didn't have the earlier food...

original fried chicken
fried chicken overdose!

Loved the pickled radish 치킨무 also known as chicken-mu. Tangy and reduces the oily-ness of the chicken. The chicken were fresh from the oven and tasted so good! Liked the garlic soy and honeyed ones. Didn't try any spicy ones though.

It was the guilt (of too much food) and the oil that prevented us from eating them all. In SG, for the same price, we could only get measly portions of these fried chicken but in South Korea, it came in good generous portions.

Right across this shop, it appeared to be a club? Not too sure but there were pretty girls hanging around outside that shop and occasionally calling out to guys who happened to walk past.

Kyochon 1991 교촌치킨 초량점

Address: 6 Jungang-daero 209beon-gil, Choryang 2(i)-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea
Contact: +82 51-441-9994
Business hours:
Daily 12 pm to 2am


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