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[Media Invite] FUNOLOGY SG53 - A Durian Buffet Party @ Element and Element on Tras Street Amara Hotel

Come 9 August, Element and Element on Tras Street buffet guests could enjoy the all-you-can-eat Mao Shan Wang, D24 or Kampong durians, and have a short walk down a short memory lane with old school games of 'Tikam-Tikam' (sure win!) or the 'Knock Down The Tins' for a prize. There are also snack stalls such as tutu kueh, muah chee, and ice-cream cart where one could choose to enjoy the ice-cream wrapped in bread, much like the ice-cream uncle style. For a limited time, don't forget to let your caricature be drawn by Singapore's fastest caricaturist, Adam Chua and there's also a photo booth with vintage props including a trishaw and a samsui woman. Yup, or rather a lady dressed in samsui style. She's friendly.

Priced at $88++ (adults) and $36++ (child 6-12 years), and for 8 other paying guests, 2 gets to dine-free. For group bookings of 53 adults, there will be free flow iced-tea for you.

Read on for a preview of available activities and specials of FUNOLOGY SG53 Aug 2018. 

The durian stall is setup at the outer side of Element on Tras, complete with alfresco table for outdoor enjoyment of the King of Fruits. There will be about two to three variants of the durian available and we got to taste the Mao Shan Wang, D24 and kampong durians during the media event.

Durian Buffet Party
hurry and chope your table for all-you-can-eat durians

My personal favourite for the durian would be Mao Shan Wang. An attractive bright yellow hue, firm thin layer of outerskin that is not wet, plus that burst of creamy bittersweetness when one sinks their teeth into the soft flesh.

Mao Shan Wang 猫山王, just look at that beauty
Interestingly, kampong durian is available and it was of a much paler hue. Looks interesting but with limited stomach space, decided to give this a miss. Do let me know how it tasted if you had tried it.

kampong durian
Tropical fruits

Also tried our hands at the retro game stalls and got a prize from the sure-win Tikam Tikam. The game with the tins gave the arms a slight work-out!

my Fun Pass
Tikam Tikam and Bola Bola
Tikam Tikam prize
Trishaw ride / photo op

After all that fun and games, don't forget to head right in for the buffet line-up. Element's Dinner Buffet menu highlights for National Day include DIY Rojak Station, Daily Smoked Salmon (3 types!), Seafood on Ice (oysters, poached lobsters and prawns, Alaskan Crab, scallops), Carving Station's roasted meat (chicken, pork, char siew), Noodles Station (Singapore laksa without cockles, or Mee Siam), Hot Live Station (Katsu Don), Charcoal Grill Satay Station (chicken, mutton) and Dessert Stations where durian-based dessert takes centrestage with signatures available (for example chempedak creme brulee, nonya kueh). Please note that some of the items will be on rotation basis.

National Day dining
seafood on ice
freshly shucked oysters from France

For buffet, I'd start with oysters. The freshly shucked oysters from France are creamy and briny. I can sense the recurring theme of 'creamy'!

smoked salmon
Peking Duck Station
Peking Duck wraps
Live Noodles Station
Katsu Don
roasted meats

Old school eats of kueh tutu (with coconut fillings), muah chee and ice cream bread.

kueh tutu
muah chee
ice-cream bread

And for finale, eat to your heart's content at the dessert counters. Cakes, creme brulee, pudding, mousse, nonya kuehs are awaiting for your pick!

Durian Cake
Durian Mousse
Durian Panna Cotta

Happy SG53 and Happy Feasting!

For reservations, please call +65 6879 2607 or email to:

Thank you Lindy and Amara Singapore for the invite and Chef Charles for your hospitality.


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