Sunday, August 12, 2018

[ Busan] Hou Yangkkochi 호우양꼬치

We had pork and beef BBQ prior and there's still room for more. So what did we do? Went right into this shop that had lamb skewers! Right, we expect nothing less from foodies...but stressed leh...we ate and ate and ate somemore!

We took the course set on the left; lamb cutlet, lamb chops, lamb skewers and tangsuyuk. No rice, of course. After that, we were surprised when the boss brought out a bottle of Harbin beer. "Service." He said. Which means, he gave us a bottle of free beer. How cool was that! Busan people are really friendly.

beer - complimentary
This BBQ place was more of Chinese-styled. Even the seasoning spices for the BBQ is reminiscent of Xinjiang meat skewers. Liked that the place is spacious, modern and using charcoal grill. Yay!

lamb chop on the grill
left to right: spices: flavoured salt (curry), cumin, chili flakes, pickles, salted peanuts and spring onions

The guy who attended to us, I think he is the boss since he was the one that brought the beer FOC. Pssst...He's also quite good looking. He helped to cook the meat, cut up the meat into chunky bite sized and also distributed the meat evenly towards the two sides of the grill where we are seated.

meat is cut-up to bite size pieces
양고기 meat from the lamb chop separated and ready to eat

The pineapple and rice cake (떡) are then left on the grill to char a bit. The meat was surprisingly gentle to the jaw. Not too gamey. Tasted pretty good with the cumin and flavoured salt. Not forgetting the ice cold beer. Ahhh...that hits the spot.

spiced it up!

And, then the tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork) came. It looked rather impressive with its golden brown colour and large pieces. Unfortunately, that 'large piece' were mainly sweet potato flour. The meat was really really thin and tiny. We didn't finish this plate. The sauce was nicely sweet and sour though. What a pity.

sweet and sour pork 탕수육
look at the size and that's not a teaspoon btw

Lastly, the lamb skewers. Amidst the skewers, there was one with gingko nuts. Nice.

lamb skewers 어린 양 꼬챙이
self-rotating skewers
Here's a super short video of the action:

The food and place was nice and with friendly staff. It was just a random place that we dropped by. 맥주 감사합니다!

Hou Yangkkochi 호우양꼬치

Address: 168-150 Bujeon-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea
Contact: +82 51-804-1199


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