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[Busan] Chungmu Hoetjip 충무횟집 Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Market was one of our go-to places when we planned this trip to Busan. Naturally, we also wanted to try some seafood while at the market. Problem was, we didn't research on which restaurant we would like to go. Initially, the group thought we could just do street-side grill but after enquiring at the seafood stalls, most don't provide the grill. The restaurants too said that they could grill seafood not from their shop but provided those seafood also was not available in their shop. Makes sense as no one would cook something that someone bought elsewhere if they are also selling the same thing.

Hence, we decided on this shop that had called out to us while we were passing by. It was only later after we've finished eating that we enquired on the shopname.


This was a tourist friendly place and English menu is available. The staff are kind too. As expected, seafood are pricey but as we were already there, it was worth a try. Ordered ourselves some grilled clams, grilled eel and grilled rockfish. Also tried the seafood pancake and raw marinated crab. So much food for the five of us!

The restaurant was rather big once you entered. There weren't many other patrons as it was only 11+am. This was a place where you have to remove your shoes and sit cross legged on the floor.


The side dishes were aplenty. We got 7 side dishes and a bowl of seaweed soup. The side dishes were edamame, marinated shellfish, salad in mayonaise sauce (like coleslaw), tofu (yummy), salad in black sesame sauce, mashed potato

7 side dishes and a soup
small shellfish in gochujang and salad
seafood pancake ₩30000

Loved the plates used. So pretty! Blue just reminds me of the sea.

grilled clams ₩70000
eel ₩50000

The large clams were cooked in their own juices so it had a very mild taste. The eel is not the version that we might be used to. The eel was plainly seasoned with just salt. Fresh eel and has a slightly chewy texture. The staff would come over to grill the clams and eel a little, after which, the patrons can take over. To eat, a sauce dip was provided. But am not sure if that was for the eel or for the clams. Maybe it was a multi-purpose fermented bean sauce.

eel, ready to eat
plum wine in the morning

Loved that we could get mixed grain rice. But with so much food, rice is absolutely unnecessary. Unless, you are eating 간장게장 marinated crabs (ganjang gejang). Rice would come in handy for the lovely umami sauce.

mixed grain rice
간장게장 soy marinated crabs ₩40000

While the marinated soy crabs were not as good as the one at Sinsa-dong Seoul, this was enough to satisfy ganjang gejang cravings.

The best grilled fish, was the grilled rockfish. Fresh fish with tender meat and lightly salted crisp exterior. So good. I'd say this is a must-order here. Different types of fishes are available but we wanted something that we normally couldn't get back home yet one that will not bust our budget.

grilled rockfish 60000

It was a good seafood feast and we enjoyed the food and the friendliness of the staff.

two table-full of food

We spent about $53 per pax for the meal.

Chungmu Hoetjip 충무횟집

Address: 27, Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu, Busan
Contact: +82-51-246-8563
Business Hours:


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