Wednesday, August 8, 2018

[Busan] OK 암소갈비살 (Amso Galbisal)

It was our last night in Busan, hence we wanted to try some BBQ before we leave for Seoul the next day. Earlier, we went sightseeing in Gamcheon and by evening time, we were hungry again. We went to a street that had some BBQ shops but couldn't find one with beef though. As most of the shop signages were in Hangul, we had no idea whether it is ala-carte or buffet. Randomly, we picked a shop that had mostly local customers.


I liked that the lady in the shop welcomes us (the tourists) and was patient enough to explain the items in the menu and how the pricing works. If I remembered correctly, they have a time-limited special where one could enjoy unlimited grilled meat (selected) for an affordable price of ₩5500. That's a very good deal if you ask me.

We ordered some the unlimited servings of meat, some ala-carte and of course, makgeolli. There were two guys (probably in their late thirties or forties) sitting at the next table, and he saw us having makgeolli. He was saying something in Korean but we didn't know what he was saying but he asked the lady to bring us a can of soda. Orhh...for mixing with makgeolli. He said he's buying us that can of soda. Hahaha!

setting up the table

The appetiser included a bowl of beondagi 번데기 which is steamed silkworm pupa. It was fear factor for us so we returned the bowl to the staff. No thanks. The guy at the next table chuckled at us and said it is 'health food' before proceeding to pop some into his mouth.

I liked the acorn jelly appetiser with its tangy broth. Very refreshing and appetising.

appetiser of acorn jelly
grilling into deliciousness
Sprite, courtesy of the guy next table

While language barrier was there, that did not stop us from making merry with the guy at the next table. He was grilling some pork skin and offered us some. So nice. In return, we offered him some yukhoe as well.

It was my first time eating 육회 (yukhoe) which is raw seasoned beef strips. The seasoning included sugar, salt, soy, minced garlic, spring onion, pepper and sesame seeds. Mixed it well with the raw egg and add the pear strips for sweetness and crunchy texture. As a result, it was delicious!

육회 yukhoe

Makgeolli and good meat, we were happy! The folks were friendly and the food was good. Worth a visit.

delicious BBQ


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