Monday, August 6, 2018

[Busan] Choryang Milmyeon 초량밀면

That day, we ventured out to Jagalchi Market and had a big seafood brunch at one of the local restaurant there. After which, we had a bout of shopping and coffee break, and then pre-dinner snacks (blame it all to the food basement of the department store) and thus, we weren't exactly hungry till much later. That later, translated to about 9pm.

So, it was more of like a supper that we went out looking and we swore off fried chicken for at least, the next few meals.

What was the top eats in Busan again? Milmyeon was one of it and coincidentally, there was one near Busan Station. About 10 to 15 minutes walk. Arrived at about 915pm and was told that most of the items were sold out. Left only a few bowls of milmyeon so we had to order fast.


We ordered milmyeon cold soup and dry version. The dry version was actually much tastier. But the cold soup was rather good too! The wheat noodles are actually very very filling. It's not like our mee sua where it is suitable for light eaters.

Once you've ordered, the staff brings out a kettle for you. It looked like a pot of tea but in actual fact, it was a rather tasty beef soup. Served hot and so comforting. Flavorful to the max and we can't stop drinking it. Loved these complimentary stuffs.

밀면 (cold noodles)
close up view

The mul-milmyeon was rather refreshing and plenty of noodles to chew. The spice level was rather mild too. The thin slice of meat and the egg was more decorative and the star would be the noodles and the soup.

Reasonably priced at ₩4000 per bowl.

Choryang Milmyeon 초량밀면 

Address: 225 Jungang-daero, Choryang 2(i)-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea
Contact: +82 51-462-1575
Business Hours:
Daily: 10am to 10pm


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