Thursday, August 2, 2018

Forest Orchidville Farm To Table @ 82 Sungei Tengah Rd

If it was not for my colleague, I would not have known that there is such a place called Orchidville at Sungei Tengah Rd. Located in a somewhat remote area and accessible by car. There is ample parking within its own compound and because it is a farm to table concept, almost all ingredients would have been homegrown.

The restaurant itself was huge and one could hold a wedding banquet here. The setup is typical Chinese restaurant with round tables and most importantly, it has lots of space between tables. Very comfy.


There was a standee outside the restaurant proclaiming "Volcano Chicken" which piqued my interest. Never in my life, had I eaten any Volcano Chicken before...but alas, it is only available if you had pre-ordered it at least a day in advance. Aiyah. If anyone had tried this before, do drop me a message and let me know what was your verdict.

want to try this next time

The lady staff asked if we'd like "buah long long" juice. In my part of the world, it's called buah kedondong but ok lor, I like! It's English name is kind of hard, Spondias dulcis (or umbra) or 沙梨 in Chinese. Whatever it is called, I like to eat the fruit with dark sauce mixed with chili padi and sugar. In juice form, it must not be too diluted. Read about the health benefit of buah long long juice. The version at Orchidville was indeed refreshing and appetizing.

buah long long juice 

For food, we ordered crispy pork knuckles (one of their signature), stir fried sweet potato leaves, deep fried soon hock and a plate of seafood mee sua (rice vermicelli) for the birthday boy.

sweet potato leaves
seafood mee sua

The sweet potato leaves was very good. So good that we polished everything on that plate. Not even a single piece of leave left...

The mee sua was a surprise too. The texture of the noodles was quite firm and overall, it tasted like a plate of mee goreng instead.

deep fried soon hock

The fish was my favourite dish from the meat kingdom that night. It must have been a while since I've enjoyed a non-fillet kind of fish that wasn't in a burger form nor was it called sutchi. The flesh was sweet, the sauce on point and those crispy bits of minced garlic was just wow. That sauce and white rice, what a wonderful companion those two made. Happy belly times.

crispy pork knuckles

It was rather rare to have crispy pork knuckles in a Chinese zichar place. Though this was a signature dish, it was rather unfortunate that the meat turned out somewhat dry. The skin had a crisp outer but it was also somewhat chewy. I liked that this was eaten with the fresh green lettuces, so it felt rather balanced. The sweet savoury brownish sauce helped to moist the meat a bit but it wasn't a strong flavour.

There is a bowl of hae bee hiam that diners could help themselves to, so maybe that'll lift up the flavour when one does a meat wrap.

Overall, the food was inexpensive (mainly due to the 20% discount during dinner for the month of July) and portion was good.

Worth a visit with the family.


Address: 82 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 698985
Contact: 6552 7003 / 9739 9602
Business Hours:
Daily Lunch: 1130am to 230pm
Daily Dinner: 530pm to 930pm


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