Tuesday, August 21, 2018

[Seoul] Myeongdong Korean Beef Village BBQ 明洞京城炭火烧烤

If you're at Myeongdong, these would be familiar sights. Throngs and throngs of people. Smell of BBQ and bright lights from the shopping malls. First up, getting an egg bread for snacks. It has been years since I last ate one. Would it still be as good?

gyeran bbang seller
계란빵 gyeran bbang (egg bread)

The seafood grill looks good but we didn't get any. Our target for the night was Korean BBQ, so was saving stomach space for that.

yakitori looks so tempting
cat walk

We didn't have a clue of which Korean BBQ to go, so was just randomly walking and seeing which one to go into. Previous visit, I'd done Wangbijib and that was good!

which one?
Then, we were approached by a man and he managed to persuade us to go into his restaurant. Hmmm, I think we were too easily persuaded. Hahaha.

the restaurant is down there
The restaurant was spacious and not many diners in there. Ordered a few cuts of meats and the course set came with bibimbap and mini jeon (pancakes).

our table
someone famous ate here before?

As with any Korean BBQ, we ordered makgeolli (rice wine). Loved that it is served in a pot. Charcoal fire for the BBQ, that's a good start!

makgeolli 막걸리
BBQ commences
first slice

We love meats, so there were orders of pork collar, beef slices and beef tongue. The side dishes of the black beans was quite good. Kimchi, as usual, one of the must haves when eating in Seoul. BBQ meat and makgeolli were good combination. Enjoyed the dinner. Washroom is outside of the restaurant and need to walk up the stairs.

cooking well

can't wait to eat these!

Besides the meats, the set included some other cooked foods. It was rather nice to have mixed rice after the BBQ. So comforting. Liked the beef soup too.

small bibimbap
mini jeon 파전 (service)
beef soup

It was quite difficult to get the staff attention at this restaurant though. Food is decent. The experience felt similar to eating out in Boat Quay/Clarke Quay area.


Address: 194-94 Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Business Hours: Daily


  1. Good blog... you captured the flavour of Korean beef well. Keep-up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Have a great week ahead!


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