Friday, August 2, 2013

The Wine Company @ Dempsey

Located at Block 14D, Dempsey Road. Nice place to chill, with a glass (or a bottle) of wine and to enjoy conversations with friends.

food menu
our choice, Mount Arthur Pinot Gris (@$54.21+)

The Mount Arthur Pinot Gris (New Zealand) was pleasant to taste, fruity with slight sweetness.

friend's favourite snack
mixed satay (beef and chicken)
closer view of satay

Ordered three snacks to go along with the wine; pappadum, satay and french fries. The snacks that we ordered were all priced at $6.07+. Go for the satay. Tender and nicely flavoured albeit a little on the sweet side for both meats. The pappadum's accompanying dip was cucumber tartar (I think) and it did go well with this snack. Yums. But pappadum turned soggy pretty fast. The fries was more substantial than the pappadum and it remained crunchy for an hour or two.


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