Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mayim @ West Mall Bukit Batok (Part III)

Was there for lunch again. The food was still good as usual but the price has gone up.

jasmine tea with rose bud (@$1.65++)

Ordered dishes to go with steamed rice. Trotter's vinegar. Our must have!

pig trotters vinegar 猪脚醋 (@$8++)
yummy steamed rice liberally doused with sauce from the pig trotters dish

Not sure why but all the meat dishes arrived first.

deep fried chicken with sweet sauce (@$10.80++)
char siew with peanuts, served with plum sauce (@$7.80++)

The chicken was tasty but do watch out for the bits of bones in it. Char siew was tender and dad liked it with the plum sauce alot.

Next, the expensive vegetables! The spinach was a little bit too oily.

small tofu cubes with 3 types of greens (@$10.80++)
stir fried spinach with roast pork and lap cheong (@$13++)
stir fried fish slice with spring onions (@$10.80++)

Service was good, and hot water for the tea was refilled often. The food was more than enough for a family of 5 adults and we spent about $88.


  1. i love mayim even though it has been relentless in increasing their prices ever so frequently!

    try their spanish fried rice next time; lip-smacking delish!


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