Saturday, August 17, 2013

Xiang Mei Roasted Meat Chicken Rice @ Bukit Batok Central

Was at Bukit Batok Central, and had to run some errands at Block 636. Then, came across this dingy looking foodcourt (think it was S11) and saw a queue for this stall selling roasted meat. Curiousity got to me, so I queued as well.

still queuing
Got to the front of the line some fifteen minutes later.

roasted duck and roasted pork rice (烧鸭加烧肉饭) @$5
closer view

Hmm, the roasted pork has crackly skin but the portion that I got was towards the sides so the meat was hard. Roasted duck was pretty good with tender meat. The chili was very garlicky but has no punch.

Best of the lot, was its soup. Flavourful with lots of peanuts and chicken feet.

soup, all gone

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  1. Hi everybody, would like to inform everybody that Bukit Batok Community Club ( Inside coffee shop ) the HongKong Roasted Duck will be on holiday from 13th May – 10th June 2014. Kindly take note to prevent disappointment.
    Thank you.


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