Thursday, August 8, 2013

GRUB @ Bishan Park 1

Located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. This park is not the one with Canopy nor MacDonalds. Some of our friends went to the other park and had to redirect them to the right one.

Once there, proceed immediately to the front of the restaurant where there's a stand with an ipad (or tablet of some sort) with an app. Follow the instructions and got ourselves into the queue. The system will send out an sms to your mobile, and the link allows the user to check the queue number as well.

At 7.48pm, there were 25 tables ahead of us in the queue and the place was full. Finally got a table at 9pm. So the legendary queue was true and yes, we were one of those that waited an hour plus. Final order at 9.45pm and the place closes for the day at 10.30pm.

cider, 500ml (@$13++)

For food, we had fish burger, cheeseburger, risotto, pork belly and steak fries.

pork belly and risotto (@$15++ and $10.50++)
parma ham crumble and shimeji mushroom risotto

The crumble was interesting and slightly intriguing as I can't really tell what it is that I'm eating. But we thought the risotto were too watery and its flavours too subdued. Someone said porridge.

Crispy fish burger (@$12++)
crumbed fish fillet, remoulade

The fish fillet had crispy crumbs but there wasn't much taste on the fillet. The sauce on the burger bun was nice.

GRUB cheeseburger (@$11++)
minced beef patty with melted Monterey Jack cheese

One characteristic of the burger buns here, was its glistening top. So shiny! Liked the cheeseburger better than the fish. The beef patty was strongly flavoured (a tad salty though). Perhaps, adding the fried egg (@$2++) might balance up the flavour a little.

 Grilled steak & fries (@$18.50++)
ordered medium rare

The ribeye was abit tough. One can chew slowly and savour its beefy flavours but guess I liked fatty beef a little too much.

Slow roasted pork belly (@$15++)

Best dish of the night? All votes went to pork belly.

Had churros for desserts. First time having this! Served with dark chocolate and sweet creme anglais.

churros (@$8++)

Best eaten while it's hot, and gotta knock off quite a bit of those sugar before dunking it into the slightly bitter chocolate sauce. Yums. Crispy outsides and abit cakey-kuehy on its insides.

The service staff were courteous, and they do acknowledge the customers' long wait. The bistro seem to be doing well, with its steady stream of diners. One might even catch a glimpse of local tv/radio personalities here.

Our meal there costs $140 for 5 pax.


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