Sunday, August 18, 2013

Soup Restaurant @ Clementi Mall

Located at Level 3 of Clementi Mall, was there for dinner on a weekend. Surprisingly, there was already a small queue formed even though it was just around 6pm.

Probably last ate at a Soup Restaurant a few years back. Like maybe more than five years ago?! Gosh, time flies. This time round, didn't order their signature chicken dish as we wanted to try other things.

our order chit
Chrysanthemum tea (@$2++) refillable

 Service was pretty fast, and our food arrived within 10 minutes after we ordered. Wow.

detox soup with tian qi (田七汤  @$7.90++)

Was disappointed with the soup as the tian qi taste was too weak.

stir fried san yu fish with spring onions and ginger (@$10.90++)

Thought the fish dish to be a little too bland for our liking.

black pepper venison
braised bee hoon with pork trotters (@$13.90++)

The venison dish was tender and flavourful. However, the black pepper taste here was pretty mild and the dish was pretty oily, in fact.

Liked the braised bee hoon with pork trotters very much. Flavourful, with the noodles absorbed most of the goodness from the sauce. Yums! Be careful with the smaller bones from the trotters though. The skin part was the best! There were just about 3 pieces of trotters with skin, and those are the good stuffs. Limited edition! Friend thought the dish was too salty though, but I think it'd appeal for to people who likes stronger flavours.

This meal costs about $58 for two pax.


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