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Cuisine Master Hotpot ( 食神锅奉行 ) @ Boat Quay

Located at 68 Boat Quat, and yup, that touristy area. Bus #166 brought me to Boat Quay bus stop. Head back towards the bridge and turn right to the restaurant areas. Walk straight along the five foot walkways, and one can get a waft of wondrous aroma especially at the mookata shop. After that, turn left towards the river, and then turn left once again to get towards Unit #68.

restaurant signboard

Was here for a food tasting session. At first glance, the restaurant does look alot like a bar. Ground floor sees dark lightings and small cosy tables, not unlike any other drinking place. Only difference, it has ornaments and artifacts that looked like it could belong in an Asian Civilization Museum.

ground level tables
on tap

Before dinner starts, guests will be served with a non-alcoholic welcome drink.

colourful welcoming drink

The dining room for our hotpot dinner was on Level 2. So up the stairs we went.

wonder what we'll find upstairs

We were in a group of 8 pax and here's a picture of the menu:

our hotpot set
our table

Started off with the fruits platter. Here's an article on why fruits should be eaten before a meal.

strawberries, rock melon and dragon fruit

CM Hotpot originated from Beijing and its concept is followed through, here in Singapore as well. Their friendly and knowledgeable service staff will be in-charge of all the cooking, so diners will just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the meal. We were about to enjoy some pampering that night.

Thirsty? Have some chinese tea in a dainty little decorated cup.

dainty little cup of tea

Platter of Appetiser Surprise as part of the course. The blanched long beans tasted better with the shredded olive (that seaweed looking thingy). Liked the cherry tomatoes.

marinated cherry tomatoes, blanched long beans with olive. black fungus

But there wasn't any pot on our table, so where was it? The secret lies within the table. We were told that even Beijing branches doesn't have this!

After all the oohs and ahhs of the mechanical pot appearing like on our table-top, it was time to take stock. Soup stock, of course. Double flavoured soup; Mushroom and Golden Soup.The golden soup was boiled from chicken and duck for 20-hours. WooOohOooo!

mushroom and golden soup

But, before tasting the soup, a serving of Shaoxing wine was poured for us to warm our stomach. Hmm. Shaoxing? Only had that for cooking purposes. First time having it as a drink. Furthermore, first time drinking from an odd-looking vessel called the 'jué' ().

Shaoxing wine poured into a jué
Shaoxing wine (5 years and below)

Starting meal proper, tasting the soups. First, mushroom soup. Soft and mild. Though the soup was dark coloured, the mushroom flavour was not too strong. Reminiscent of dashi.

mushroom soup

Next, the full-bodied golden soup, further enhanced with ingredients such as dried baby abalones, scallops, fish maw and sea cucumber.

mini buddha jumps over the wall
golden soup with premium extras

Really liked the golden soup. Will recommend another bowl of this. Seriously, drink this at the start!

Next course.
chefs special prepared shrimp and pork balls

The handmade shrimp square was firm and bouncy, while the pork balls tasted average.

corn and chinese yam
chinese yam cooking

Next up, Prawn with turbot combination. I wouldn't have thought turbot is a species of a fish. Read more about turbot here.

turbot and prawns

Turbot flesh was delicate and slightly springy, while the prawn was slightly overdone but still sweet.

sweet prawn

For food with very delicate taste, there are sauces to enhance.

chili sauce and spicy soy

Next up, Matsutake mushrooms!

matsutake and golden mushrooms
double shrooms
Had actually forgotten to request for a bowl of the mushroom soup that point in time. Think it would've tasted great with the matsutake addition. Sighs.

What's a hotpot without a platter of good meats? Time to feed our carnivorous selves!

beef and kurobuta pork slices
closer look of the beef

It was unfortunate for the kurobuta pork as it turned out too tough. The meat platter were pretty lean, fitting into the concept of healthy eating.

beefy slices

The last two courses for the hotpot were the vegetable pot and handmade noodles.

beautiful arrangement
handmade noodles (see the purple cabbage noodles way at the back?)
colourful carbs

Satiated, the window in the dining room can be opened and the night view greeted us.

view from Level 2

To end the meal, diners are served with white fungus with longan and red date.

classy looking dessert

Thank you Hungrygowhere and Cuisine Master Hotpot for this dining experience.

Cuisine Master Hotpot

Address:            68 Boat Quay, Singapore 049856
Tel:                    6438 9979
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm


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