Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gurney Drive @ Causeway Point Woodlands

Located at Level 5 of Causeway Point. Visited on a weekend to have a super late lunch.


Ordered the ampla drink (regular sized). Ampla fruit or better known as 'buah kedondong' or 'balonglong' is a small fibrous fruit with pit that's quite sour. One can eat it fresh with a sauce made of dark soy sauce, sugar and chili padi, or have it preserved. Yums.

Ampla (kedondong) drink regular (@$3.80++)

The drink was rather thin, so it was abit of a letdown. What's Penang food without lor bak? Since they have it here, we ordered a plate to try. $4.50++ can only buy us deep a few small pieces of fried beancurd and a meat springroll. Geez, seriously inflated pricing...

lor bak (@$4.50++)
meat roll

Next up, belachan chicken wings. These deep fried wings do taste like har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken). Served right off from the fryer, piping hot and juicy on its inside. Decent snack.

belachan chicken wings (@$4.90++)

For main courses, tried the lemon chicken, sweet and sour fish (add $1 for white rice), belachan fried rice and prawn noodles.

lemon chicken (@$6.20++)
belachan fried rice (@$8.90++)
sweet and sour fish (@$6.90++)
prawn noodles (@$6.90++)

The lemon chicken sauce was too sour, and the chicken too thin. Belachan fried rice has just a hint of belachan, and a nice flavourful dark soy sauce (kicap) chicken. However, the chicken was too tough. Sweet and sour fish has quite a thick coating of flour. Prawn noodles tasted good. It was served with bee hoon and yellow noodles. Soup was flavourful and likeable.

No serviettes available here. Just wet towel @20 cents each.

Expect to pay around $12+ per pax for a main course and a drink.


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