Monday, August 19, 2013

PasarBella @ The Grandstand (Turf City)

Located at The Grandstand (former Turf City) Bukit Timah. Took the free shuttle from Clementi MRT bus stop. To be more precise, it's the bus stop (B17179) opposite of Clementi Mall. Shuttle bus schedule here.

to the market
Visited on a Sunday, and took the 245pm bus. Not so much of a crowd at that time. Go in via the nearest entrance at the drop-off point, and the first trader one sees, is the Oceans of Seafood.

Oceans of Seafood Japanese section
fresh fish
looks like those turban shells that one can sizzle away on a grill top?

Was there to ogle at slim, lengthly legs. Crab legs, to be more precise. If you must know, one section of the leg will set you back about $44.

sweet legs, anyone?

Over at the International section, one can take their pick of oysters, prawns, brown crabs and lobsters.

oysters and prawns galore
G'day mate! Shuck me an oyster, Coffin Bay oyster!
what ya staring at?
cold platter for you?

The fresh seafood looked so enticing. Wonder how sweet will they taste?

Stumbled into the Cheese Ark, and sampled cheeses made from cow, sheep and buffalo. Am no cheese connoisseur, and with very thin slices, am not so sure what exactly am I tasting. Haha, ended up with a rather safe option (gouda) but thought it was pretty flavourful when eaten in sizeable cubes and paired with 2011 Barons de Rothschild (Lafitte).

bright lights, to the Cheese Ark
something to look at, while munching cheese
say cheese
cheese sampling
my loot

Wandered somemore, and if you're looking for organic options, there are some traders in organic produce.

organic certfied fruits and vegetables
of walnuts and pecans
nashi pears and navel oranges

Quite liked the ambiance of PasarBella.

artsy feel
if walls can talk

There are many non-food traders too. Such as Pantry Magic. Everything looks so appealing in there. Of course, am easily jolted back to reality just by looking at the price tags.

Pantry Magic
attracted to shiny bronzy things

retro but complicated looking toaster

Elsewhere, one can stop to smell the flowers too.

nice decor with imported flowers

The upwards riding escalator inside PasarBella was intriguing. We went up but couldn't get down, till we go up one more level.

to infinity?

Interesting stuffs all around in the market area for us to explore.

pinky cute

Ok, back to food. Passed by Le Patio, and its gigantic pan.

Chef working, Le Patio's paella magic

Went on to Bistro Botintin, where the tiniest suckling pig was ready for customers.

spanish suckling pig

Wasn't hungry but was determined to at least try something, so got the Iberico pork loin (@$8 per 100grams).

Iberico pork loin
closer view

The fatty bits was really nice, especially with caramelization. Meat was slightly pinkish and tender. Enjoyable.


  1. So it's something like a Marche but jap version?

    1. Not quite, since they do not have the card system. It's more like an ecletic collection of independant shops in that space. Good for exploration and photography, as well as for food and drinks. But it does seemed smaller than I expected. Let me know your experiences there ya. Enjoy.


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