Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rokeby @ Jalan Riang, Serangoon

Located at Jalan Riang, not the most accessible places imho. But of course, if the weather is good and you're stuck without a transport, then the trustee legs will have to make do. About 10 minutes walk from Lorong Chuan. Exit the Lorong Chuan MRT towards the taxi stand, then turn left and head towards Nanyang Junior College, cross the road to the right and turn right into Jalan Girang. Reach the intersection with Jalan Riang and walk straight (don't turn to the left).

Rokeby is located towards the left end of the stretch of restaurants there.


Started off with a plate of plump golden calamari rings. Bear in mind that the rings aint crunchy but it was enjoyably tender. Liked the balsamic on the leaves!

rockets with balsamic vinegar, mayo tartar sauce and tender squid rings

Next, for our mains. Choice of pasta, meat and another appetiser.

Linguini Vongole in Tomato Cream
closer view

First taste of the tomato cream sauce. Hmm, some resemblance to lobster bisque. Slightly tangy but only slightly so. Mildly seasoned and pleasant. Think that most of the clams taste had gone into the sauce since it didn't have much taste to its meat.

Kurobuta Pork Collar
meat chunks

Again, the pork collar was just mildly seasoned. My friends decided that it was rather underseasoned. Salt and pepper grinders are on each table, so one can add that bit more salt if necessary. Texture was good, and well-cooked with a hint of pink. Mash was a tad lumpy.

Chose Vegemite Glazed Chicken because it sounded like it could be an Aussie favourite.

Vegemite Glazed Chicken
generously slathered in vegemite salty goodness

First impression, "wow, so black!" Hahaa. But for vegemite lovers, one wouldn't mind, right? But it was really salty. Seriously. Probably this makes good beer food? Drumlets retained its crunchy exterior even when slathered with much vegemite glaze.

Expect to spend about $20~$30 per pax. Good that there's no GST nor service charge, and yet, diners still get to enjoy friendly service at roc-ker-bee.


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