Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sū Korean Cuisine (千秀) @ Far East Plaza (Part 2)

Located at Level 1 of Far East Plaza, somewhere near the corner. Have always thought that this level was basement since we needed to walk down the stairs from road level.

Haven't visited for quite a while (maybe two years), and everything still looks the same. Noticeable difference was the inclusion of buffet option, and of course, a brand new service crew.

just need to add water to expand

While waiting for one of our friend to arrive, two of us decided to have seafood pancake and some apple soju to stave off the hunger pangs.

apple soju 500ml (@$19++)

The apple soju tasted probably of 97% apple juice and 3% soju.

seafood pancake (@$15++)

Didn't like the seafood pancake. Had better ones elsewhere.

refillable banchans (complimentary side dishes)

non crispy anchovies
fishcake strips

It was actually quite filling, by the time we were half-done with the pancakes and had a round of the banchans.

Set meal for two consist of a soup, two plates of meat for BBQ, 2 plain rice and 2 lime juice. Customers can change up to two items in this set. For us, we changed the default kimchi soup to spicy seafood soup.

grill on

Diners can opt for service staff to grill the meat or DIY. We chose the latter. More fun!

pork and beef

Two strips of pork and two smaller strips of beef. The beef was really good! Tender and well marinated. Only managed to have one piece since my friends walloped the rest!

spicy seafood soup
clams, prawns, tofu, egg and radish (probably)

The soup wasn't that spicy though.

watermelon hearts

The meal costs around $35 per pax. Service staff was efficient. If not wrong, the dinner buffet is also about $35++ per pax. Hmm, maybe buffet might be a better choice if one wants more meat!


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