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Café 2000 @ M Hotel

Located at 81 Anson Road, Tanjong Pagar. Took bus #57, and alighted one stop before the old railway station. Then, walk about 10 minutes to reach. Café 2000 serves International Buffet Dinner on weekdays, and its popular Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner is available on Fridays and Saturdays. Was invited over for dinner on a Thursday evening.

cafe entrance

Upon entrance, one would be greeted by the warm dim lights, smiling service staff who'll lead you to your table. And a quick glance around, showed that the cafe is rather small but had mostly occupied tables on a weekday evening. Clink-clanking sounds of utensils, chatters from the tables surrounding yours, all added to the charm of the place.

party of four

If you're looking for alot of variety in a buffet, then you might feel a tad disappointed here as probably the smallish space didn't allow for alot of items. However, I was plenty happy to see what I'd be eating that night; oysters, roast beef, pork knuckles!

But first, a walkabout to see what's available for dinner.

bread section
salads and such
cold seafood
pork knuckles, sausages, roast beef
beer battered seafood section
replenishing supply

Hungry yet? Then, let's sit down and have some.

tuna and salmon sashimi
mussels, oysters and prawns, all mine!

Liked the mussels, surprisingly. Prawns were good but too much of a hassle to eat. Was unlucky to encounter the first two oysters that had a bit of sand in them. But subsequent oysters that were freshly brought out were fantastic! There was a distinct diference in taste. A taste of freshness and sea-goodness. Yums. Probably inhaled half a dozen oysters that night. Haha!

plump, juicy, sea-briny fresh-tasty oyster (USA)
so good

How about some soups to warm the tummy? The chicken lotus root soup tasted homely, while the crab smoked salmon soup tasted similar to creamy potato soup.

chicken lotus root soup and crab & smoked salmon soup

For fried food lovers, how about some British Beer Battered Seafood?

'Chef's Selection'
Had the chance to meet Chef Danny earlier, and he's so friendly that he literally treats you like an old friend. Chef Danny hails from East Malaysia, and has travelled far and wide. His favourite country? Europe. Asked about his favourite food and his reply was, "I like simple food." An affable man, this one.

My guess was that Chef probably thought that we weren't getting enough food, so he sent the above beer battered seafood selection over to our table. No worries, those are the same items one could get from the beer battered section, just that for this once, it was presented in a prettier way.

moist, firm fish

The thin beer batter was undeniably crispy, and it stayed so even 20 minutes later. Nice. For fried food lovers.

German pork knuckles and sausages

Australian roast beef

Sampled the knuckles, sausages (two types) and roast beef (medium rare). The sausages and roasts will be seared upon order.

pork sausages and knuckles
roast beef with black pepper sauce

The thin-orangey looking sausage was tasty, while the white plump chipolata-lookalike was mild. Knuckles, would be much better if it came with the crunchy crackling. The thinly sliced roast beef was tender, and had mine done medium rare.

Spanish Squid Ink Paella Rice

There was one item that kept getting snapped up so quickly, the satay. Kept on throwing furtive glances at the buffet table, and finally managed to secure some.

elusive satay, lovingly smothered with peanut sauce, and a side of cucumber with pineapple puree

The satay looked so tiny. But the texture of the meat was firm and tender plus well marinated.

Food done, now was time for desserts!

chocolate fountain
looks good (and popular too with so many pieces gone!)

Chef Danny came over and chatted with us for quite a while, and by 9+pm, the desserts tray looked rather forlorn with most of it gone.

So, we got Chef's Special again.

chef's dessert platter - mango crepe
chocolate cake with cream cheese (middle) and tiramisu in choco cup

Sweet endings, and loved the liqour laden tiramisu.

September Specials Lunch Hour
Daily buffets and 'Feast on the Move'

Some of the dishes are rotated on a daily basis, and its menu on a weekly basis.

Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner, sees the outer section of the cafe opened out for the grill. Hence, more choices with the addition of bbq items. "Feast On The Move" sounds interesting with its themed buffet, so do look out for the next one!

Special thanks to Ms Lindy Lin, my host and dining companion. Chef Danny, for sharing anecdotes and info about yourself plus ensuring that your diners are well-fed. Thank you both!

Café 2000 M Hotel

Location : 81 Anson Road, Singapore, 079908
Telephone: +65 6500 6112
Opening Hours: Daily, 6.30am - 10.30pm


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