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Morganfield's Ribfest 2013 @ The Star Vista

Located at Level 2 of Star Vista, next to Buona Vista MRT. This place is known for its Sticky Bones aka ribs! Only lunched there once, and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to Morganfield's Singapore 1st Birthday Party, Ribfest 2013. Can't wait to sink my teeth into 'em sticky bones! WoOhoO!~

Happy 1st Birthday Morganfield's Singapore!
Story of Morganfield's
ticket to delicious food, boisterous crowds and music!
Sticky Bones board

The interior of the restaurant have an American wild wild west kind of feel. Just the right ambiance to chug down a mug of beer while tearing the meat off a rack of ribs *grrowwl*

Alas, in reality, the welcome drink was a whole lot tamer. Sweet, citrussy and fizzy. Refreshing after a long day at work.

tasted kid-friendly

Guests were quickly ushered to their table while waiting for the event to start. The table setup includes an apron-bib for diners to wear. You wouldn't want hickory bbq sauce on that white shirt, do you?

it's gonna get messy!
psst, a secret compartment?

Morganfield's has arranged for live music that night. Powerful vocals to bring the house down, yeah!

getting rapt attention

And so, the stage was set...all that's missing? Food! So, let the feast begin! Started off with a salad. Light and gave off a healthy feel. Variety of stuffs in that bowl. Greens, cherry tomatoes, corn, chickpeas, beans...never be bored with just one taste.

ample greens

Then, the meats arrived. Chicken, fish and grilled sweet corn.

two baby chickens, sweet corn and fish
closer view of barramundi

Barramundi's texture would probably be considered 'harsh' as compared to cod. Not the delicately sweet and smooth texture, but yet has its own merits.

What was my favourite on this platter? Why, the grilled baby chickens of course. *licks lips* Hahaha, ok. That sounded a bit wrong! But the chicken was seriously tender, maybe just barely cooked. Didn't even mind eating the breast meat. But why have white meat when one can have drumsticks. Muahahaa!!
When queried on what seasoning were used. The reply was "Some secret rub..." Okaay...

juicy chicky, flavoured by special rub
best way to eat (credit to Rong Ge for lending his hands. Literally.)

Don't worry about fork and knife. Best way to enjoy the food. Use hands. Clean ones, of course.

sweet corn

How about some happy juice? Sure, let's bring out the wine. One white to go with poultry dish. Good life.

a glass of white, please
fruity, slight acidity, smooth

The party was going on great. Ample food, free-flow of drinks, boisterous crowd, live music but it was about to get even better! The unveiling of 'Mega Rib', touted as the biggest rack of BBQ pork ribs in Singapore! Whoa, this we gotta see!

Mega Rib ~ 2.5kg of a monster pork ribs!
5 flavours of Sticky Bones, united in Mega Rib

Not a trivial feat. To be able to cook that humongous slab of ribs evenly, as well as ensuring that the differing flavours came out as intended. Kudos to the chefs!

The 5 flavours were hickory bbq, garlic bbq, smoked peppercorn, tuscan baked spicy and honey rum! Sounds like a good platter to have for parties! One-shot try all! Unfortunately, Ms Chui May Yee (Marketing Manager of Morganfield's Singapore) revealed that Mega Rib will not be available on a day-to-day basis as the huge slab of ribs needed to be pre-ordered in advance.

a single bone, covering the diameter of the plate

The Sticky Bones BBQ Pork Ribs were well-cooked, generously coated with tasty sauce and basically, a dream come true for meat lovers. Some parts were more charred and gave more bite than others, while some remained tender and moist. Fatty bits were fun to eat too!

Sauce-wise, had always thought that the original Hickory BBQ was something that I'd stay true to. But Garlic BBQ managed to sway that preference. And, after munching through all those BBQ flavours, the Tuscan sauce with its tangy spicy tomato was like an oasis in the desert. So, the choice is yours!

While the meat was all good, the corn muffin was very likeable too. A tad too sweet (a quarter of a notch down on the sugar would be good!) but I'd eat this even if too full from all the meat.

sweet sweet muffin
browned crust, soft moist golden hued corn muffin

As the night drew on, it was time for one final speech.

Mr Kevin Chung, Managing Director of Morganfield's Singapore, thanking the crowd for their support
Happy Birthday, Morganfield's and birthday girls~
all smiles

Congratulations to Morganfield's Singapore on its 1st Birthday! For people who thinks Star Vista is a bit too far to travel to, fret not. Watch out for Morganfield's nearer to town, come next year in 2014.

Thank you to May Yee and Kevin for the invite and for your gracious hospitality. And not forgetting Morganfield's friendly service crew that took care of us that night. Cheers!

Was great sharing a table with the sporting Rong Ge and wife, and pretty Gin from Ginevi. Thanks for being such good company!

sweet endings, honey rum dessert, on limited time promo


Location:    1 Vista Exchange Green, Unit #02-23, The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Telephone:  66943635
Fax:            66943651


  1. Looks really good!! I had to miss it this time round, if not I could have met you again :)

    1. There was so much food! Plus, there was dessert! ;P Hope to see you again soon. Meanwhile, take care!


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