Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paradise Dynasty @ ION Orchard

Located at Level 4 of ION Orchard. Used to see long queues at this outlet. Walked in on a Tuesday evening and was ushered to the inner section of the restaurant. Two of us sat at a table meant for four. Spacious.

I've dined at Paradise Dynasty at Lot 1, so this one at Orchard just feels that little bit more of grandeur and that bit more space. Otherwise, the menu is the same.

three eggs side dish

The chinese name for this dish sounded like 'horse brain' something something. Even the wait staff couldn't pronounce the last two words. Anyway, the it looked pretty but taste wise, so so. Friend found it too salty, but I just thought the salted egg yolk part was hard. Not something that I'd order again.

drunken chicken

Biased towards chicken, what more chicken thigh. If you like cold smooth, tender chicken thigh with that bit of chinese wine taste, then this dish did alright.

stir fried spinach with garlic bits

Spinach was nice as it was served piping hot. Stalks were tender and easy to eat.

Shanghai fried rice

Orhh..Shanghai fried rice has soy sauce in it. Have tried the preserved vege fried rice and seafood fried rice. Actually preferred those. The rice here that night was a tad too dry and dense.

seafood la mian

Between Shanghai fried rice and Seafood la mian, I'd recommend the la mian. Though it's seafood ingredients, the soup tasted like pork bone soup. Came with half an egg, scallop, xiao bai cai, prawns, fish bits, bamboo pith and kelp. The soup here tasted nicer as compared to Choa Chu Kang branch.

The back area where we were seated were actually quite cold. Had to leave the place to avoid being frozen stiff. For two ladies, we couldn't finish all the food. I think two mains, and at max two side dish will suffice.

Thanks Wendy for the treat!


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