Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lee's Taiwanese @ JEM Jurong East

Had dinner there on a Friday night with the family. Less crowded as compared to say, Din Tai Fung. They do have staff that sounded Taiwanese, so that added that bit of authenticity. We were seated next to the window. The self-service area was right at our back. You need that cold/warm water, more chili, some pepper, more serviettes? Just go towards the self-serve area.


Family was having the Premium Set Meal (4 pax @ $17.80 per pax) and I got a Deluxe Set Meal for 1 pax @$15.80.

Both sets comprised of 1 main, 1 side dish and a drink.

mini sausages, braised large intestines and salt & pepper chicken (part of Premium Set)
beancurd strips (part of Premium Set)

For the premium side dishes, the braised intestines and salt & pepper chicken (盐酥鸡) were the better choice. The beancurd strips (豆干) were rather bland. Chose the chicken wing as side dish for Deluxe. When the menu stated 2 pieces, it really was just 1 mid-wing and 1 drumlet.

pork belly rice (Premium)

The Pork Belly Rice (扣肉饭) came with quite a few pieces of pork belly (more lean than fats), half an egg, some beancurd strips, half a mini sausage and some pickled vege. The meat came across as too lean and somewhat tougher than expected.

I had the rice vermicelli (mee sua) with intestines and pork balls (大肠肉丸面线).

pig intestines and meat ball mee sua

The mee sua was served piping hot, and the soup tasted quite garlicky. Would've preferred if it was oyster mee sua with intestines. That would be major yum. Anyway, the intestines were firm and no funky taste nor smell.

Service was alright, but it was rather difficult to differentiate some of the cold drinks because the drinking glasses used were colored hence, the colour of the drink was kind of hard to decipher. For example, red milk tea and green milk tea. So the one that brought the drinks to our table had to call her colleague to help decipher which was which.

I guess we were there for the novelty of dining in a shop that has same surname as ours. In reality, the prices are rather steep.


  1. Eh, actually the food looks really good :)

    But their shops are only at the west area.. So far for me haha!

    1. How are you feeling nowadays? Try not to crave for food this west side hor. Its two outlets are still at the west. But I think there should be other comparable taiwanese food nearer to your place. Take care ya! =)


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