Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ichiban Boshi @ Causeway Point, Woodlands

Located at Level 5 of Causeway Point. Visited on a mid-week evening, the restaurant had quite a few empty tables but no one to show the people in the queue to their tables. Hmm.


Anyway, eventually we got our seats. Tried their bestseller sake, the Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake (@$15.90++).

Ozeki Hana Awaka 7% alcohol, -60 250ml
junmai sparkling - light, fizzy and sweet

Light and refreshing, and feels quite pristine. The fizz came in the form of tiny bubbles. Doesn't feel like one is drinking alcohol. Taste wise, pretty similar to makgeolli (korean rice wine) but minus the cloudy bits, and has a more refined taste.

Asahi sashimi (@$19.90++)

Was hankering for some fresh sashimi. Scallop was tiny and sweet. Liked the crunchy akagai (I think?) sashimi.

Hanasaki Ika Tempura (@$7.90++)

Worse order of the night was the ika tempura. Mostly flour bits. Very very little squid. Lots and lots of fried batter.

Tea refill was upon request. Service can be further improved.


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