Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ambush @ Plaza Singapura

Located at Level 4, this was one of the less crowded restaurants in Plaza Singapura on a Saturday evening. Queues everywhere especially at the more popular restaurants. It started before 6pm!

The outlet at JEM fared better in terms of ambiance, as that one is housed inside a proper shop. Didn't see a kitchen, so I wondered where did the food come from...

open space concept

The good thing about Ambush here, is its table availability during weekends. But one not so good thing, is that few of the junior service staff seemed pretty laid-back, and not responsive to our waving nor eye contact, nor our calls for service. Those in black uniform were better.

satan gold (@$10.90++)

Had a mini sausage platter to go with the beer. Think it was pork sausage.

mini sausage platter (@8.80++)

Friend had lambshank. Lamb was tender and breaks easily with a fork. Flavour was rather mild and muted. Had to dab bits of mustard sauce to break the monotony of the flavour.

lamb shank (@$19.90++)


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